Towards Liberty

This is an archive of knowledge about the study of the Natural Law of non-aggression and self defense. You will find valuable information about Austrian Economics, Bitcoin, and Agorism as well as all the recorded conversations and presentations by Max Hillebrand.

Natural Law is simple: Do NOT kill. Do NOT assualt. Do NOT steal. Do NOT trespass. Do NOT coerse. Do NOT rape. Do NOT lie. Fundamentally, do NOT violate the private property of another peaceful sovereign individual. Any action that does not harm others is in accordance to Natural Law and thus morally rightous and mutually beneficial. Natural Law is a set of universal, inherent, objective, non-man-made, eternal and immutable conditions, that govern the consequence of behavior of beings with the capacity for understanding the differences between harmful and non-harmful action.

Anarchy is derived from the Greek prefix "an-": "without; the absence of" and the Greek noun "archon": "external master; ruler". It does not mean no rules, rather, it means without imposed rulers, no masters and no slaves, in other words, Freedom. Anarchy is in opposition to authority or the state, as these terms are simply euphemisms for aggression and theft, which are always immoral and in opposition to Natural Law. There is no legitimacy to the mastery over other people.

Austrian Economics is a sub dicipline of praxeology, the axiomatic science of purposeful Human action to remove uneasiness in times of uncertainty. It is a logical method to discover Natural Law and morality in economics, by analyzing both the isolated individual & the economy of interpersonal exchange of scarce goods. The free market is fundamentally based on voluntary action unhampered by aggression or the threat thereof. Due to asymmetric individual preference hierarchies, peaceful trade is always mutually beneficial and a proven method to allocate scarce resources to the most desired needs in deep production stages.

Bitcoin is open source sound money that emerges out of the free and peaceful market, with sovereign nodes declaring their individual monetary rules, presenting themselves to a network of peers and enforcing consensus rules. With a hard and predictable monetary base and equal opportunity for any individual to enter the market of money production, there is no institutionalized theft via inflation. Thus, Bitcoin is true market anarchy and freedom.

Max Hillebrand is an open source entrepreneur supporting several Bitcoin projects that build tools for sovereign individuals to defend their property rights, liberties and privacy. He is educating his peers by sharing invaluable knowledge in several hundreds of videos on the World Crypto Network. He has an in depth understanding of the sound monetary economics of Bitcoin and the value proposition of immutable scarcity in this age of anarchy in money.

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