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Austrian Economics is a philosophy of thought that is based on the non-aggression-principal and examines how a society can function with voluntary contracts. It is a study of the pure free and open market in every aspect of life.

This is an open source archive maintained by Max. Please, if you have any interesting and truthful sources of information about Bitcoin, reach out and issue a pull request. This page is published under the Open Anarchist License. Use Control + F to search for key words.

Introduction to Austrian Economics

The Mises Institute has an exhaustive library of free books, audiobooks, lectures and podcasts.

Mises University 2017, 2018 lectures, Interviews by Max - a crash course on Austrian Economic

Economics in one Lesson, by Henry Hazlitt

Principles of Economics, by Karl Menger

Lessons for the Young Economist, by Robert P. Murphy

Economics for Real People, by Gene Callahan

Core Curriculum, a lecture from the Mises Academy

Overall treatise on economics

Man Economy and State, with Power and Market, by Murray N. Rothbard; with the Advanced Study Guide, by Robert P. Murphy

Human Action, by Ludwig von Mises; with the Advanced Study Guide, by Robert P. Murphy

Monetary Theory

What has the Government done to our Money? by Murray N. Rothbard

The Theory of Money and Credit, by Ludwig von Mises

The Ethics of Money Production, by Jörg Guido Hülsmann

Denationalisation of Money, by Friedrich A. Hayek

A collection of essays on the Austrian theory of the trade cycle

A Treatise on Currency and Banking, by Condy Raguet

Capital & Interest, by Eugen con Böhm-Bawerk

Times are Hard, by Gene Callahan

Money, Bank Credit and Economic Cycles, by Jesús Huerta de Soto

Origins of Money

On the Origins of Money, by Carl Menger

Shelling Out: The Origins of Money, by Nick Szabo

Central Bank and Fiat Money

The Creature from Jekyll Island, by G. Edward Griffin

The Case against the FED, by Murray N. Rothbard

Wall Street, Banks and American Foreign Policy, by Murray N. Rothbard

The Mystery of Banking, by Murray N. Rothbard

The Economics of Inflation, by Costantino Bresciani-Turroni

The Economics of Gresham's Law, by Jörg Guido Hülsmann

The Cultural Consequences of Fiat Money, by Jörg Guido Hülsmann

Financial Crisis

Meltdown, by Tom E. Woods

Deep Freeze, by Phillip Bagus

The Bubble Film, by Jimmy Morrison and Tom E. Woods

The American Great Depression, by Murray N. Rothbard

Sound Money and Gold

The Case for Gold, by Ron Paul

The Case for 100% Gold Dollar, by Murray N. Rothbard

Capital and Production, by Richard von Strigl

Choice in Currency, by Friedrich F. Hayek

Free Market and Competition

The Meaning of Competition, by Friedrich F. Hayek

The Privatization of the Roads and Highways, by Walter Block

Water Capitalism: The Case for Privatizing Oceans, Rivers, Lakes and Aquifers, by Walter Block

The Privatization of Space, by Timothy d. Terrell

Anything that's Peaceful, by Leonard E. Reed

Development Economics, a Mises Academy by G. P. Manish

Antitrust and Monopoly, by Dominick Armentano

Competition and Entrepreneurship, by Israel M. Kirzner

Individual valuation

Basic Principles of Economic Value, by Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk

Production Stages

I, pencil, by Leonard E. Reed

The Pure Theory of Capital, by Friedrich F. Hayek

Economic Calculation and Prices

Profit and Loss, by Ludwig von Mises

Non-Scarce Goods and Intellectual Property

Against Intellectual Property, by Stephan Kinsella

The Economics of Non-Scarce Goods, by Jeffrey Tucker

On Scarcity, in Anarchy in Money, by Max Hillebrand


The Bitcoin Standard, by Saifedean Ammous

Bit by Bit, by Jeffrey Tucker

The Austrian argument for Bitcoin, by Manzenberger

All the work on monetary theory, especially Rothbard.

The Economics of Bitcoin, a lecture for the Mises Academy by Malavika Nair and Mark Thornton

Bitcoin: Problems and Prospects, by George Selgin

The Case for Alternative Currencies, by George Selgin

How a Bitcoin System is Like an Unlike a Gold Standard, by George Selgin

Anarchy in Money ~ on the Ethical Economics of Bitcoin

An act is morally righteous only when it is chosen voluntarily, as there is no violation of property rights and Natural Law. The free market is a complex network of sovereign individuals engaging in mutually beneficial exchange. A money is the store of value, medium of exchange and unit of account chosen by free market participants. As money is half of every transaction, it is of enormous importance to the economy and society at large. A monetary network which is based on voluntary action and with no systematic theft is both economically and morally righteous.

Bitcoin is a money that emerges out of the free and peaceful market, with sovereign nodes declaring their individual monetary rules, presenting themselves to a network of peers and enforcing consensus rules. With a hard and predictable monetary base and equal opportunity for any individual to enter the market of money production, there is no institutionalized theft via inflation. Thus, Bitcoin is true market anarchy and freedom.

Download the full paper by Max.

On radical Anarchy

For a New Liberty, by Murray N. Rothbard

Our Enemy the State, by Albert Jay Nock

Defending the Undefendable, by Walter Block

Anatomy of State, by Murray N. Rothbard

Speaking of Liberty, by Lew Rockwell

Chaos Theory, by Robert P. Murphy

Bourbon for Breakfast, by Jeffrey Tucker

On Anarchy, by Bakunin

Everyday Anarchy

Practical Anarchy

Agorism and Libertarian Society

The New Libertarian Manifesto, by Samuel Edward Konkin III

Agorist Class Theory, by Wally Conger

An Agorist Primer, by SEK3

The Last Whole Introduction to Agorism, by SEK3

What must be done, by Hans Hermann Hoppe

The Second Realm, by Smuggler and XYC

Against the State

The Politics of Obedience ~ a Discord on Voluntary Servitude, by Étienne de La Boétie

Organized Crime ~ The Unvarnished Truth about Goverent, by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

Left, Right, and the Prospects of Liberty, by Murray N. Rothbard

Road fo Serfdom, by Friedrich F. Hayek

Suicide Pact, by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

On Ethics in Law and Politics

Ethics of Liberty, by Murray N. Rothbard

Foundation of Libertarian Ethics, by Roderick T. Long

The Machinery of Freedom, by David D. Friedman

Laws Order ~ what Economics has to do withe the Law and Why it Matters, by David D. Friedman

Order without Law, by Robert C. Ellickson

A Nation of Sheep, by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

The Economics and Ethics of Private Property, by Hans Hermann Hoppe

The Law, by Claude Frédéric Bastiat

Anarchy and the Law, by Edward Stringham

Fascism and National Socialism

Omnipotent Government, by Ludwig von Mises

Right Wing Collectivism, by Jeffrey Tucker

Fascism versus Capitalism, by Lew Rockwell


Socialism, by Ludwig von Mises; and the Mises Acadamy study guide by David Gordon]

The Middle of the Road leads to Socialism, by Ludwig von Mises

Planned Chaos, by Ludwig von Mises

Bureaucracy, by Ludwig von Mises

The Gulag Archipelago, by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Democracy and Constitutions

Democracy, the God that failed, by Hans Hermann Hoppe

Reassessing Presidency ~ the Rise of the Executive State and the Decline of Freedom, by John Denson

No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority, by Lysander Spooner

Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy, by Joseph Schumpeter

Constitutional Chaos, by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

Critic of Keynes

Away from Freedom, by Vervon Orval Watts

Contra Krugman Podcast, with Tom E. Woods and Robert Murphy


The Progressive Era, by Murray N. Rothbard Mises Academy study guide by Patrick Newman

Conceived in Liberty, by Murray Rothbard

33 Questions about American History You're Not Supposed to Ask, by Tom E. Woods

An Austrian Perspective of the History of Economic Thought, by Murray N. Rothbard


An Introduction to Economic Reasonin, by David Gordon

Economic Science and the Austrian Method, by Hans Hermann Hoppe

Praxeology ~ The Method of Austrian Economics, by Murray N. Rothbard

Praxeology and Understanding, by George Selgin


Education ~ Free and Compulsory, by Murray N. Rothbard

Ron Paul Curriculum

Other Websites

Ludwig von Mises Institute

David D. Friedman

Cato Institute

Liberty Classroom


The Human Action Podcast of the Mises Institute

The Tom Woods Show

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The Read Rothbard Podcast

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Crypto Voices, with Matthew Mezinskis and Fernando Ulrich

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