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Upcoming Events

Max is speaking and attending at several Bitcoin Conferences, Meetups and discussion groups. Here is a rough list of where he will be next. If you are there, reach out and let's have a conversation!

Portlant Bitcoin Conference 19. May 2019

The Portland Bitcoin Conference was created to offer a platform to passionate hobbyists and students of Bitcoin throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond, while providing hands-on workshops for participants to install and operate the many different types of software that inhabit the Bitcoin ecosystem. Our inaugural event is scheduled from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sunday, May 19th, 2019 at the Lloyd Center Mall. Speakers from the local community have been chosen to present on a variety of topics, and registration is free.

Bitcoin Hackathon Paralelna Polis 24.-26. May 2019

There’s still a lot of work to do on Bitcoin. So many challenges, so many exciting things to create and improve! Do you want to be one of the people who did something creative, a part of history? Try to write some code or draw some interface! Maybe you will be the one mentioned in the history books talking about a specific feature of Bitcoin. Since it’s easier to work in a team, come to one of the most cypherpunk places in Central Europe, meet people like you and create something big together! The whole event is free of charge as long as you publish your work as an Open Source project. This event is not just for developers. Good software also needs UI/UX designers, testers, translators, grammar nazis… If you believe you can provide some value, come and help us!

Blockchain Hotel 30.-31. May 2019

Once a year experts and enthusiasts from all over the world come to Germany for the Blockchainhotel conference #BHC19! Two full days in which participants and speakers meet face to face in a very unconventionell environment. Explore the newest innovations in the Blockchain and Crypto space and get conntected to market leaders. Like the past years, the Blockchainhotel conference offers a unique and colorful mix of different communities, industries, developers, hackers, medias and investors. 2 days at eye level with each other and the makers... just check the feedbacks. Learn the basics for your own start from experts from the fields of trading, security and blockchain in short 2 hours workshops. Or learn more about specific topics in one of the DeepDive workshops.

Lightning Hackday Munich 1st - 2nd June 2019

Welcome to the fifth Bitcoin Lightning Network Hackday on June 1st and 2nd in Munich! This will be the fifth of a series of Hackdays that we'll host to explore and discover the Lightning Network! #LightningHackdayMUC. The Hackday is inspired by the idea of Barcamps and Unconferences. This means: The more you put in, the more you get out! Explore, learn, share, build! This will be a technical event, so be ready to nerd away! Please only sign up if you actually plan to attend, even if you have a free ticket. This will make planning a lot easier for us. Participation at the #LightningHackday is open for everyone and backed by our sponsors, but we require a basic knowledge about Bitcoin and the Lightning Network in order to attend. The tickets are structured in a certain way to help us meet this goal. Thanks to our sponsors, all tickets include drinks for the whole event, breakfast, lunch and a dinner!

Value of Bitcoin Conference 3rd June 2019

The first top-level bitcoin conference. The VoB is an exclusive dialogue event that brings together bitcoiners, investors, bankers, executives, media and politicians. Our Mission: Enable a dialogue about bitcoin. The VoB is a dialogue event that brings together skeptics, advocates, entrepreneurs and inquisitive decision makers. It is a platform to discuss the potential benefits and pitfalls of bitcoin. The goal is to get a comprehensive understanding and enable all attendees to make well-informed decisions about bitcoin related to their profession.

Breaking Bitcoin 8.-9. June 2019

Breaking Bitcoin is an event for the technical community focusing on the security of Bitcoin and everything around it. Presentations aim to be technical, focusing on vulnerabilities, theorical or practical attacks targetting the users and the Bitcoin protocol. This event is geared toward people with knowledge of the technical aspects of Bitcoin or security in general.

Unchain Berlin 14.-15. June 2019

UNCHAIN is a 2 day conference featuring the world‘s leading cryptocurrency and blockchain entrepreneurs. Our main goal is to connect these experts with leading industrial players from all over the globe - by discussing and exploring the full potential of a decentralized economy. Day 1: Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies - the future of cash and online payments? Serving 8 billion people on a daily basis? Where do we stand, where are we headed and what needs to be done to defend and reclaim privacy and freedom of transaction? Day 2: This day will focus on privacy, fungibility and scalability of Bitcoin and blockchains. How far has the actual real world utilization of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies evolved? What market developments and socio-economic impacts will arise, how shaping future? This day will focus on discussing emerging blockchain real world use cases, investment and fundraising issues, politics and future scenarios.

Buy a ticket with a 20% dicount code LEV8MPUC!

Baltic Honeybadger 14.-15. September 2019

The Baltic Honeybadger conference is a major Bitcoin event in both Latvia and the world, dedicated to Bitcoin and technologies built around it. Our goal is to create an educational and community-driven event with high-profile speakers from all around the world and with different backgrounds — from technical engineers and cybersecurity professionals to business owners and bestselling authors. Over the two years of its existence it attracted the most talented, driven and passionate Bitcoiners from around the world and has established itself as one of the leading conferences worldwide.

Moneybadger September 2019

Our main motivation is to network with the bitcoin family of builders, promotors and users alike to make sure our message will be heard loud and clear. For that, we need to have some fun. All the information is already there, on the internet for all to grab. What we need is to bring the people together and show the world we mean business. Topics include Austrian economics / Digital sound money / Gold 2.0. Bitcoin coding / Lightning Network / Sidechains. Hardware / Software / DIY workshops. Opsec 2019 / Privacy / Fungibility. Badass keynote speakers for both days.

Working Man Bitcoin Cruise 19.-21. September 2019

A bitcoin cruise for the West Coast Working Man. . . leaves Long Beach California on a Thursday afternoon for beautiful Ensenada Mexico and return Sunday morning . . . full of practical information on how to hodl, sayvv, and buidl on THE BITCOIN STANDARD in your daily life and business! Organized by Bitcoin Standard Bearer Ugly Old Goat and The Goat Lady. . . this is a first of its kind . . . and with the promise of fun, networking, and education. Hope to see you there!

Libertarian Schollars Conference 28. September 2019

The Libertarian Scholars Conference was originally conceived as a forum for scholars from different disciplines to meet and exchange ideas on the study of liberty. The ultimate goal was to integrate their diverse insights and approaches into a broad interdisciplinary perspective on liberty, what Murray Rothbard called "the discipline of liberty." The founders of the conference hoped that this discipline or systematic body of knowledge would give shape and direction to the growing ideological movement of modern libertarianism, much as British classical and French liberal political economy had guided the movement of classical (laissez-faire) liberalism. This series of conferences succeeded admirably in stimulating scholarly research from a libertarian perspective and attracting many new scholars, young and old, to the scientific study of liberty.

Max will present his Thesis on non-simulated shared ownership of scarce bitcoin in the lightning network at the conference for further peer review.

Hackers Congress Parallelni Polis 4.-5. October 2019

World mandatory passportization celebrates its 100th anniversary. A nasty dehumanization, carefully marking all people by their governments, stealing their biometrics, strengthening the power of territorial states and suppressing the liberty of individuals. There remains however the possibility to choose a suitable permanent residency, to create international companies, to get a better passport and to use state cheats to hack the tyrant. Use cryptographic technology to regain privacy, to save freedom, to step up from the first constrained realm and to build the second one. Achieve new freedom using globality and flexibility. Opt-out of the system!

Transylvania Crypto Confernce 10.-12. October 2019

The Transylvania Crypto Conference is the first major crypto event organized in Cluj-Napoca, the largest city of the Transylvanian region, in west Romania. The city, also known as the European Youth Capital of 2015, is a big technology hub, deemed by some “the silicon valley of eastern Europe”. It hosts thousands of startups, several ICOs and has a rapidly growing curiosity towards Blockchain technologies. Our vision is to educate people: bring them together and contribute to the already established “Smart City” status, by hosting this event, offering a variety of speakers, technical engineers, bitcoin professionals, cyber security professionals and business owners who give their perspectives on bitcoin and other blockchain technologies.

Lightning Network Conference 19.-20. October 2019

More to be announced...

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