Towards Liberty


Since July 2018 Max has produced several hundred videos and podcasts that convey the knowledge of Liberty, Economics and Bitcoin. He is trying to package this ancient wisdom in a approachable, yet challanging manner. However, accumulating information is ownly the first step, it's up to You to try to understand this and judge it for truthfullness, and most importantly, it's Your responsibility to act out what you know to be Right. Thus, Max is focusing his teachings on how to apply the Liberating tools that other heroes have build. Use Control + F to search for key words.

Bitcoin to the Max

In this series, Max is explaining in a short video format one concept about Bitcoin, Austrian Economics, or Anarchist Philosophy. The topics are wide ranging and can include what ever is of interest at that particular moment in time. This is a companion series that goes hand in hand with the longer form conversations that Max is usually sharing. Perfectly suited for anyone who would like to accumulate the knowledge in a short soundbite form without wasting too much time.

Read Rothbard ~ Use Bitcoin

One of the fundamental pillars of Bitcoin is Austrian Economics, a study of freedom and voluntary interactions in all parts of society. Murray Rothbard is one of the giant thinkers and freedom fighters who has a relentless track record of seeking truth. Max is going to talk with other Bitcoiners about the economics, ethics and philosophy of Bitcoin.

Open Source Everything

Use libre software, free as in freedom, not gratis. Always verify the source code you are running.

Bisq Decentralized Exchange

Bisq is an open-source, peer-to-peer application that allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in exchange for national currencies. No registration required. Bisq does not require identity verification, it is decentralized, non custodial, privat, open source and very easy to use!

Wasabi Wallet

Wasabi is an open-source, non-custodial, privacy focused Bitcoin wallet, that implements trustless coin shuffling with mathematically provable anonymity: Chaumian CoinJoin, it is the first of its kind. However, "anonymity loves company", the more users there are, the better your privacy, and the faster the CoinJoin rounds will be. Whether you are looking for state of the art operational security or you are philosophically aligned with the principles of freedom and privacy, now it is YOUR time to contribute. Fire up your Wasabi and start providing liquidity for CoinJoins to bootstrap the system!


The nodl enables you to connect to Bitcoin and the Lightning Network so that you can verify and process payments without having to rely on any intermediaries. nodl runs uncensored, you are free to connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime. It enables you to operate near-instantaneously at a fraction of the cost of doing business with classic payment options. nodl comes in a solid metal enclosure. Plug it in and within 3 clicks you are downloading the blockchain. Choose nodl and join hundreds of early adopters around the globe, who are building a better future. Run your own nodl and experience financial sovereignty.

ColdCard Wallet


What is the Coinkite Coldcard? It's a Bitcoin hardware wallet, so it signs transactions and can be used offline. BIP39 based, which means you can backup the secret words onto paper, and have lots of sub-accounts and unlimited independent payment addresses. It knows how to understand transactions, so you can see what you are approving. The first PSBT (BIP 174) native wallet which can be used completely offline for it's entire lifecycle.

BUT IT'S DIFFERENT! NO specialized software required. It accepts standard PSBT transaction (BIP 174) stored on an MicroSD card. NO companion 'app' on your computer, works with the major wallets already (Electrum, and more to come). It's cheap! Simple packaging, plain design, no fancy boxes, no redundant cables. It's ultrasecure! Real crypto security chip. Your private key is stored in a dedicated security chip, not the main micro's flash. Easy back-up! MicroSD card slot for backup and data storage. This allows truly offline signing, by transferring the unsigned/signed transactions on sneakernet. Open source software design runs Micropython and you can change it.

OTHER FEATURES: Full-sized numeric keypad makes entering PIN easy and quick. Larger 128x64 OLED screen. It's an open platform, and we expect other "apps" in time, like: Sign text messages to prove control over private key. Participate in multisig wallets, with other signers. Encrypt/decrypt secret messages (stored on MicroSD or otherwise).


Purism continues to successfully deliver freedom respecting, privacy protecting, and security focused products and services that people trust, and feel safe in using. Cybersecurity and privacy protection are growing concerns in the industry, both are rooted in digital freedoms and the rights we as society demand. For too long, the tech industry has used products and services that abuse personal information and create an unsafe environment – where people like you have become the product. Purism is invested in creating an ethical computing environment, with quality services and products that people will find convenient to use and beautiful to look upon. An environment you can reliably trust.

Thanks to the genereous donations of the WCN viewers, Max could buy and test the Librem 15 v3 laptop and talk to Todd Weaver, the founder of purism.

bitcoin-dev mailinglist

The bitcoin-dev mailing list is intended for technical discussions only. There’s things that don’t belong there but need to be discussed anyway. Now this is done in bitcoin-dev, but the volume of this is getting too big. The bitcoin-discuss list will be created as well as a simple website listing all the lists and corresponding policies. A meeting is scheduled on monday to discuss the moderation and policies of said lists.

Schnorr Signatures

Bitcoin has traditionally used ECDSA signatures over the secp256k1 curve for authenticating transactions. These are standardized, but have a number of downsides compared to Schnorr signatures over the same curve: - Security proof: The security of Schnorr signatures is easily provable in the random oracle model assuming the elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem (ECDLP) is hard. Such a proof does not exist for ECDSA. - Non-malleability: ECDSA signatures are inherently malleable; a third party without access to the private key can alter an existing valid signature for a given public key and message into another signature that is valid for the same key and message. This issue is discussed in BIP62 and BIP66. On the other hand, Schnorr signatures are provably non-malleable. - Linearity: Schnorr signatures have the remarkable property that multiple parties can collaborate to produce a signature that is valid for the sum of their public keys. This is the building block for various higher-level constructions that improve efficiency and privacy, such as multisignatures and others.

Bitcoin Only

For a project to be listed on bitcoin-only it must simply meet the following two requirements:

  1. Support bitcoin.
  2. Reject ever supporting altcoins. Welcome! Here you will find projects and resources which support bitcoin. The site is quite new and we are regularly adding exciting new content so be sure to check back soon!

GPG + Yubikey

This is the DrDuh guide to using YubiKey as a SmartCard for storing GPG encryption, signing and authentication keys, which can also be used for SSH. Many of the principles in this document are applicable to other smart card devices.

Keys stored on YubiKey are non-exportable (as opposed to file-based keys that are stored on disk) and are convenient for everyday use. Instead of having to remember and enter passphrases to unlock SSH/GPG keys, YubiKey needs only a physical touch after being unlocked with a PIN code. All signing and encryption operations happen on the card, rather than in OS memory.

Bitcoin Op Tech Newsletter

A reading of the Bitcoin Operations Technology Group (Optech) works to bring the best open source technologies and techniques to Bitcoin-using businesses in order to lower costs and improve customer experiences. An initial focus for the group is working with its member organizations to reduce transaction sizes and minimize the effect of subsequent transaction fee increases. Long-term goals include providing documentation and training materials, a weekly newsletter, original research, and facilitating improved relations between businesses and the open source community.

Anarchy in Money

An act is morally righteous only when it is chosen voluntarily, as there is no violation of property rights and Natural Law. The free market is a complex network of sovereign individuals engaging in mutually beneficial exchange. A money is the store of value, medium of exchange and unit of account chosen by free market participants. As money is half of every transaction, it is of enormous importance to the economy and society at large. A monetary network which is based on voluntary action and with no systematic theft is both economically and morally righteous.

Bitcoin is a money that emerges out of the free and peaceful market, with sovereign nodes declaring their individual monetary rules, presenting themselves to a network of peers and enforcing consensus rules. With a hard and predictable monetary base and equal opportunity for any individual to enter the market of money production, there is no institutionalized theft via inflation. Thus, Bitcoin is true market anarchy and freedom.

Download the full paper.

Non-Simulated Shared Ownership of bitcoin in the Lightning Network

The universal axiom of scarcity is defined as the potential of conflict of control over a good. Either Alice, or Bob can hold and use a gold coin, there is no possibility that both at the same time have full deposal over it. Because of this fundamental scarcity, property rights emerge as a sound and logical structure to allocate resources throughout time. There are however non-scarce goods which are not restricted to individual control and use. Like ideas, music or speech, these libre goods can be shared with whomever without the need of sacrifice by the initial creator. The poet still knows his poem after he has performed it on stage, yet the audience has gained the knowledge conveyed. Thus there is no need for property rights and ownership in the realm of ideas and mind.

In Bitcoin, a unspent transaction output can only be spent when a previously committed script is computed as valid. Although the Bitcoin script is not Turing complete, it is exhaustive with several OP codes which can be constructed into smart contracts. The most basic script is a pay to single public key hash, where the proof of knowledge of one private key with a cryptographic signature returns valid and thus enables the transfer of bitcoin to another commitment script. Only with the knowledge of a non-scarce piece of information, can the property rights of a scarce bitcoin be proven and enforced. One of the most commonly used OP codes is CHECKMULTISIG, where a coin can only be spent with m-of-n valid signatures. This allows for non-simulated shared ownership of libre sound money, which is a groundbreaking innovation with vast consequences.

This thesis explains the universal divide between scarce and non-scarce goods; the emergence and importance of private property and the the public commons; the novel invention of non-simulated shared ownership of bitcoin; the basics of Bitcoin script; how multi sig is used on the first layer block chain; and the basics of lightning network and it's use of multi sig. The novel research of this thesis is to suggests how different types of multi sig payment channel can be constructed, updated and closed; how multi sig access rights to a lightning node might work; and estimates weather such a multi sig payment channel is useful for liquidity routing. Concluding with different use cases and business models possible with lightning multi sig.

Download the full paper.

What Has Government Done to Our Money? By Murray Rothbard

Rothbard boils down the Austrian theory to its essentials. The book also made huge theoretical advances. Just as importantly, it is beautifully written. He tells a thrilling story because he loves the subject so much.

Max simply replaces the word "gold" with "Bitcoin" showing how Rothbard has predicted all major events of Bitcoin in 1963.

The Ethics of Money Production ~ By Jörg Guido Hülsmann

This pioneering work by Jörg Guido Hülsmann, professor of economics at the University of Angers in France and the author of Mises: The Last Knight of Liberalism, is the first full study of a critically important issue today: the ethics of money production.

By "money production," the author is speaking not in the colloquial sense of the phrase "making money," but rather the actual production of money as a commodity in the whole economic life. The choice of the money we use in exchange is not something that needs to be established and fixed by government.

In fact, his thesis is that a government monopoly on money production and management has no ethical or economic grounding at all. Legal tender laws, bailout guarantees, tax-backed deposit insurance, and the entire apparatus that sustains national monetary systems, has been wholly unjustified. Money, he argues, should be a privately produced good like any other, such as clothing or food.

Understanding Bitcoin

Understanding Bitcoin conference is organized with a focus on the non-technical, non-developer users that want to increase their knowledge and technical participation in the Bitcoin network. Not everyone has the skills to take full advantage of what Bitcoin has to offer, so this event will help the average user be more familiar with best practices and understanding all aspects of interacting with the Bitcoin network. There will be practical hands on presentations of how to set up features, along with theoretical discussions removing the FUD and misconceptions surrounding the current state of Bitcoin’s Trustless Network.


World's First Virtual Lightning Network Conference and Hackathon. The Lightning Network was built around the idea of financial inclusivity. Anyone can make a purchase and should be able to do so pseudonymously. We believe cheap payments should be supported and content creators should be able to appropriately monetize their time with lightning payments as well. We invite you to join the Lightning revolution by listening to top Lightning Network developers in this space with a session ticket priced at ⚡250k (~$10 USD). Or join the hack-a-thon with a 100 satoshi "proof of node" buy in and team up to code alongside some of the best and brightest. On the last day, all hackers will present their projects and vote on their favorite. First place wins 0.3 BTC, second place wins 0.2 BTC, and third place wins 0.1 BTC!

Hackers Congress Paralelni Polis 2018

All-out strong polarization. Repeating tension between collectivists and individuals. This time with a new difference: Crypto technologies. Liberating us. Making us entirely responsible for all our decisions.

Decentralization, reputation systems, escrow services and anonymization makes the world's economy more efficient. The massive adoption of free crypto markets will not be the result of people's need for freedom or privacy. It will be the result of their natural individual preferences. Collectivism is new slavery. Crypto-anarchists are new abolitionists. Crypto technologies are new arms. The natural order is the new order.

In this interview series, Thomas, Max and Dan interview the speakers and guests of this outstanding family gathering!

Baltic Honeybadger 2018

The Baltic Honeybadger conference is the first major event in Latvia dedicated to Bitcoin and the technologies built around it. Our goal is to create an educational and community-driven event with high-profile speakers from all around the world and with different backgrounds — from technical engineers and cybersecurity professionals to business owners and bestselling authors. The Baltic Honeybadger conference is driven by the cypherpunk movement. We're not promoting various so called altcoins, ICOs, banks and other blockchain-based "snake oil". Join us in Riga and learn more about the honeybadger of money - Bitcoin. HODL!

Mises University 2018

The Mises University is the world's leading instructional program in the Austrian School of economics. Since 1986, it has been the essential training ground for economists who are looking beyond the mainstream. The program offers courses and seminars on the whole range of the discipline. A core curriculum presents economic foundations, and more than fifty elective classes explore the entire range of economics, in all levels of advancement. The program ends with a Mündliche Prüfung, an optional exam for an honors certificate and cash prizes for the most learned. Subject areas cover market behavior, competition, value and utility, money and banking, business cycles, industrial organization, method, economic history, the philosophy of science, financial economics, and more. You attend what most suits your interests and level of advancement. Classes are interspersed with discussion seminars, faculty panels, and plenary lectures. There are special sessions on economic history, economics and ethics, and political philosophy. Nightly social hours allow time to meet and discuss it all with faculty and other students.

Hayek Summer Workshop 2018

Financial crises, skyrocketing debt levels, sluggish growth, and growing inequality are among the most pressing policy issues in the industrialized world. The Hayek Summer Workshop provides an opportunity to fifteen selected students to discuss causes, consequences, and remedies of the current low-growth and high debt environment from a Hayekian and Public Choice perspective. Students will spend two full days learning, thinking and arguing about topics such as the link between monetary policy, credit cycles and financial crises. They will explore the political economy of crisis policies as well as unintended consequences of crisis management. The intensive workshop takes place from September 5-7, 2018 at Leipzig University, amidst one of Germany’s youngest and most dynamic cities. Selected students will be accommodated right in the city center, two minutes from the university buildings. The program package also includes welcome drinks, lunch meals, and get-togethers with the instructors.

Privacy is Your Right. Visit the Tor hidden service of this page. 7a5eaokoytoqpp6jgklwg5kevzltv2cclwzbyvakyzaeghe4rqipe7ad.onion