The Agora Towards Liberty is a gathering place for peers to save time in the Bitcoin rabbit hole, maintained by Max Hillebrand.
For fostering a holistic understanding of applied freedom strategies with tailor made education for your individual curiosity.
Using the ancient Socratic method of truth discovery through reasoning and gathering with peers to discuss in depth any topic worth understanding.

There is a logic to Liberty, Bitcoin and Economics, and yes, you can figure it out.

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This is the right place for you if:

-You've already listened to countless Bitcoin podcasts, but you still feel like you haven't really understood Bitcoin.
- You understand the importance of liberty, but you don't yet know how to strategically apply it in your life.
- You are an entrepreneur who is seeking to thrive in a Bitcoin economy.

Towards Liberty is a venture that lives the pure free software ethos. A large portion of the revenue generated by your enrollment is used to sponsor development of important Bitcoin projects. Regardless, consider donating to free software contributors directly in any case.

Bitcoin | 1 month Seminar

Basics of Cryptography | Ethics of Bitcoin | Cryptoeconomics | Using the full software stack | Bitcoin privacy | Lightning Network |

Entrepreneurship | 1 month Seminar

Praxeology | Economic Reasoning | Entrepreneurial Thinking | Capital Theory | Business Ethics | Monetary Theory | How to earn more bitcoin |

Liberation Strategies | 1 month Seminar

Cryptoanarchy | Vonu | Second Realm | Nomadism | Security Culture | How to defend your bitcoin |

Operational Security | 1 month Seminar

Privacy | Secure Computing | Encrypted Communications | Access Control

Full Enrollment | 1 month

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Individual Agora | 1-on-1 | 1 hour

If you want to explore a custom niche in the Bitcoin rabbit hole, get a tailor-made session to ask all your questions. Max will reach out for scheduling.

Emergency support | 1-on-1 | 1 block

If you got a pressing problem, talk individually to Max about how to best fix quickly. Max will reach out for scheduling.